Carol Valles

I  have worked to promote and grow the sport if synchronized swimming since 1980 when my own club the New Canaan Y Aquianas was formed.  With persistence and training I continued to work with them in all aspects from coaching, judging , fundraising and have continued to this day as their Team Manager. This team has grown from 9 swimmers to over 80 at present and is a National and International champion one.  
Along the way I found that the coaching information was inadequate and so formed the company of eSynchro to produce educational materials, sponsored US Synchronized Swimming  for 20 years and have served on the USSS Foundation since 1998.  I have served on Many USSS committees, helped create U.S. Open and Life Membership.  My main reason for wanting to be on the USSS Foundation is because it is an organization that helps develop grass roots programs and athletes as well as our  coaches and judges, and National Team.  I care very much about the sport and the athletes and feel I am in touch with the grass root programs and aware of the needs of the clubs and coaches as well as the athletes.  It has been very satisfying seeing the development of the newer clubs and younger coaches. Carol Valles

​Lisa Mar

Lisa Elaine Mar has been elected an independent trustee for 2015-17. She brings to the USSS Foundation a wealth of non-profit board experience, including the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, the Northwestern University Alumni Association, the Association of Junior Leagues International, the Coalition for Asian-American Children and Families, and the American Women's Association of Hong Kong. Her strengths are in strategy development and implementation, operational efficiency, governance and change management.
In her professional life, Ms. Mar is a management consultant, specializing in developing and implementing international strategies for major corporations. 

To the Left - Jeanne Struck

As a synchronized swimmer since 1951, I want the sport to continue in a prominent place among sports for girls and women.  To do this we have to have the funds to support our athletes at least adequately.  I will do whatever the Foundation requires of me to raise money, distribute grants, and publicize these efforts.  In various capacities as a swimmer, coach, judge and trustee over the past 65 years, the success of the Foundation has been and continues to be my goal.. Jeanne Struck

​Barbara McNamee

​I have served on the Foundation since its creation after the 1984 Olympic Games.  I feel strongly that the Foundation remains strong and grows to be able to support the sport that has become my life.  I have been a coach, judge and Masters Athlete at a very high level and wish the sport to flourish.  I have a degree in Math and accounting and wish to continue to watch over the budget and investments to keep the organization strong.
​Barbara McNamee

​Beth Borland

Synchronized swimming is my passion.  I currently am a coach, a judge and a masters athlete.  Being a Trustee gives me another way to contribute to my favorite sport.  Foundation support at all levels is important in helping to move synchronized swimming into the future.

Beth Borland

​Karen Rosolowski

"Synchronized swimming has provided me lifelong lessons, memories, and friendships.  I want every athlete in USA Synchro to be able to experience that!  As a Trustee, i am able to contribute to the Foundation's mission and vision which will help make that possible."  
Karen Rosolowski
National Team Member 1979, 1981, 1982 and 1983

Diana Lenzo

Coaching and Judging Synchronized Swimming has provided me with lifelong experiences which have helped me improve my leadership, teamwork, communication and administrative skills that I use everyday in my life. Being a trustee of the US Synchronized Swimming Foundation is my way of contributing to this great sport. 
Diana Lenzo​

​Evelyn Zabo

Evelyn Zabo is a dynamic, results-oriented senior executive with extensive experience identifying and resolving strategic and business operational issues, particularly with creating and managing start-up and mature ventures in communications and high tech. Broad experience in business development and planning, implementation, and management of systems.  Ms. Zabo has expertise in developing and managing a broad portfolio of technology and strategic initiatives with typically 100-person geographically diverse, international teams.