The evening ending with the announcement of the grant awards for 2017, follow by the announcement of an upcoming donor designation recognizing those who continuously support the Foundation.
Again, it was a wonderful evening, and a great opportunity to “Celebrate Team USA!”  Thanks for “Being a Part!”

U.S. Synchro Swimming Foundation – 2016 Reception – September 22, 2016

“Team USA—Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow—Be a Part!”

What a Great Night Celebrating “Team USA—Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow—Be a Part!”

Thank you to everyone who made the night such a wonderful celebration of Team USA!  We were located in Atlanta, Georgia, the site of the 1996 Olympics, and Kim Probst, 2000 Olympian, was our Emcee for a fun and fantastic celebration of Team USA.

Our keynote speakers were:
Tammy McGregor, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, and
Anita Alvarez and Mariya Koroleva, 2016 Olympic Duet

We got to watch footage of their amazing performances, and they shared some wonderful memories of their Olympic journeys with us.  They were also joined by Heather Simmons-Carrasco, 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist, and held an autograph signing session.
Every Olympics that synchronized swimming was a part of was commemorated by center pieces from each Olympics, and during the evening, we recognized the accomplishments of all of the Olympians that represented Team USA in synchronized swimming.
We extend a special thank you to our Host Committee.  Each member of the Host Committee played a special role in the 1996 Olympic Games:
Chris Carver – Coach, 1996 Gold Medal Olympic Team
Gail Emery – Coach, 1996 Gold Medal Olympic Team
Debbie Hesse – Executive Director for USA Synchro in 1996
Sue Johnson – Chief Recorder, 1996 Olympic Games
Judy McGowan – Competition Director, 1996 Olympic Games

We also extend a very special thank you to the sponsors for our event.  These are the people who are avid supporters of synchronized swimming, and major supporters for our event:

​Other Sponsors
Joy Cushman
Kay Davies
Mike Dunwiddie
Cheryl Furjanic
Candy Kaemerer
Shannon Korpela
Diana Lenzo
Emily LeSueur, 1996 Gold Medalist Olympian
Jackie McDaniel
Scotti Nichols
Judy Reuter
Britt Rooney
Meredith Simpson
Dorothy Sowers
Ruth Thompson

Blue Ribbon Sponsors
Dawn Bean
Jeanette Chase
Sue Johnson
Lisa Elaine Mar
Barbara McNamee
Karen Rosolowski
Carol Valles
Evelyn Zabo

Red Ribbon Sponsors
In Memory of Ed Kaminski

White Ribbon Sponsors
Beth Borland
Gary Knowles
Jeanne Struck