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The US Synchronized Swimming Foundation has its roots in the 1984 Los Angeles 
Olympic games.  Synchronized swimming was granted a $1 million  share of the profits 
from those games.

The Board of Directors of United States Synchronized Swimming chose to use those 
funds to create a permanent endowment for the Organization and established the 

The Foundation was to be led by independently-elected Trustees, with a mission to grow 
the initial endowment in order to ensure long-term financial support of United States 
Synchronized Swimming and synchronized swimming in the United States.

Grants awarded to the National Governing Body, Clubs and Colleges

Thank you to our donors that have believed in our mission to promote the growth of synchronized swimming, and who have given and supported us.  Thank you to all of the recipients of our grants who have helped synchronized swimming to grow in the USA--this includes:
Synchro USA
A Filmmakers doing a documentary on the 2000 Olympic Team
YMCA to develop a program for synchronized swimming in the YMCA program
Collegiate Programs
Programs to help local teams grow

Karen Rosolowski

Mission + Vision

We support programs for education of our athletes, Coaches and Officials



our history

The United States Synchronized Swimming Foundation exists to support grassroots development; educational opportunities 
for coaches, athletes and officials; and the development of synchronized swimming in the United States.