United States Synchronized Swimming Foundation

When the "Make a Donation" button is clicked, you will be taken to the PayPal website.  You DO NOT need to be a
member of PayPal.  The first page will have you designate the amount of the gift, then choose to log-in to your PayPal
or to "Pay with a debit or credit card".  

PayPal will always refer to your donation as an "order".

Next you will see an order summary page where you confirm the "order" and enter your payment information.  

The next page will be the page on which you confirm your "order" and make a "
Note to seller".  CLICK ON THAT!  
You will have 300 characters to tell us things like what fund you want the donation to go to, in whose honor or memory,
how you want
your name to appear on the website or plaque, the address of the person to be notified of the gift in
their name, etc.  All the stuff that you want us to know about your gift.  Your address and contact information will be
delivered by PayPal, so we just need to know what isn't already included.  Please check the box to authorize sharing
your phone number with us, so we can call for any clarifications.  Click "continue" or "confirm", whichever is offered.

Do the same thing for your dinner reservation.  Tell us who is attending and if any of the money is being donated to
subsidize and athlete's dinner.   You may also fill out the contact us form as a back-up for the reservation information.

The last page will be your receipt.  You will also receive an email receipt.

You can always use the "contact us" form on this site to send us an email to help you with any issues.
Instructions for Making a Credit Card
Donation or Dinner Payment
Contact us
Note Founders Society or Building America's Teams
on your donation form.  See
instructions for more